Computer Aided Facility Management


At Coral Companies we use the CAFM Explorer Software which is essentially a powerful and total facilities management product, the heart of which is a reactive and planned help desk.  This help desk assures that there is a far reaching effect on facility costs and managing risk, if the facilities are maintained more efficiently by the use of such technology. It is also Microsoft applications friendly so it can generate reports in programs used in daily business operations.


The major benefits of this modern Facility Management software tool are:


Asset Tracking: Benefits also come from integration with other facility data, for example asset can be linked with planned/reactive maintenance thus reflecting details of their service and financial history. This part effectively serves as a Maintenance Log Book.


Help Desk and Service Centre: Provides reactive and productive service call centre where calls are logged and assigned to technicians with unique response codes to manage and monitor works to finite details.


PPM Software (Pre-Planned Maintenance): This part manages pre-planned maintenance works in its daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly reoccurrences. Perhaps known better under the term of “Preventive Maintenance Schedule”.


Benchmarking and KPI: Improving service levels is also about monitoring buildings performance and efficiency. This software uses set of generally accepted definitions in reporting of measured key performance. It also measures the performance of Facility Management team, according to pre-established priorities and service level agreements.


Property Estates Management: The software holds all property and real estate details enabling tracking of such fundamentals as lease renewals, fire equipment, health and safety, etc. 


Improved Communication and Organization: CAFM software effectively helps us to communicate better with our customers, as they are informed about any work progress of their requests in the real time. It is an effective management tool, which assists us in today’s world of increasing expectations for information stream management, enabling us to provide our clients with the knowledge, so they can take correct decision about their real estate. 

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