Energy Certification / Audit

Energy Certification is a current a future trend striving for better and more effective Energy Management. Such certification shall help to seller and buyer make more educated decision about the property involved in selling process and also shall help to a building owner attract tenants with higher energy efficiency, thus lower operational costs.


The energy audit that our company performs is one of the first tasks to be made in the accomplishment of an effective energy cost control program. An energy audit consists of a detailed examination of how a facility uses energy, what the facility pays for that energy, and finally, a recommended program for changes in operating practices or energy-consuming equipment that will cost-effectively save money on energy bills.


Romanian laws, government decisions, norms, etc. are according and harmonized to international norms in the Energy Management domain. These documents are quite comprehensive and cover the fields of industry, transportation, agriculture, chemistry, etc. For office, public buildings or residential, which are not involved in high emissions of carbon dioxide, relevant is existence of Energy Certificate/Audit, which is mandatory since 01.01.2007 for commercial buildings and it is planned to be mandatory for residential buildings in upcoming near future.


Main documents that cover domain of Energy Management are:


  •  Kyoto Protocol 1997
  •  Directive 2002/91/EC
  •  Directive 2006/32/EC
  •  Gov. Decision 163/2004 regarding national strategy for energetic efficiency
  •  Gov. Decision 1069/2007 regarding Romanian energetic strategy for 2007-2020
  •  Gov. Decision 1661/2008 regarding approval of national Program for increasing of energetic efficiency in 2009-2010
  •  Gov. Order 22/2008 and its methodological norms regarding energetic efficiency

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