Fire Safety

Fire Safety Consultancy

In Coral Companies structure this activity is covered by Coral Construct. The scope of services provided consists of but is not limited to:

  • Consultancy Services
  • Review of abidance by the regulations
  • Review of statutory signage, fire extinguishers, and boards, escape routes etc.
  • Keeping and maintenance of documentation as required by the valid laws (fire rules, alarm regulations, establishing of fire books, fire alarm rooms, fire escape plans, etc.)
  • Fire detection
  • Fire drills organization
  • Co-operation with State Fire Inspection Bodies (Fire Marshall Brigade/Group)
  • Ensuring of tasks resulting from the rules of the State Fire Inspection Body (Fire Marshall Brigade/Group)
  • Ensuring checking and maintenance of technical equipment under a special regime    (fire flaps, extinguishers, etc.)

Periods or frequency of activities and technical maintenance will correspond with general valid conditions and optimal requirements of fire protection.

Importance of the permanent presence of Fire Fighters in Commercial Building

Depending on Architectural Design, the height of the building, its purpose, and the amount of people present in the building at the moment, the owners of the building have the following legal obligation:

According to Art. 19 (i) Law no. 307/2006 and Art. 5.10.8 of Construction Fire Safety Normative – indicative P118/99, and also a Fire Scenario, based on which was issued the Fire Permit, the owner of the commercial building is obliged to have emergency situation personnel.

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