Acquisition cost of equipment

The net invoice unit price of the property including the cost of modification, attachments, accessories or auxiliary apparatus necessary to make the property usable for the purpose for which it is intended


Part of management responsible for managing and monitoring the various functions of different departments


The process by which procedures and/or documentation are measured against pre-agreed standards

Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA)

BOMA International is a primary source of information on office building development, leasing, building operating costs, energy consumption patterns, local and national building codes, legislation, occupancy statistics and technological developments.


A specific type of failure, where an item of plant or equipment is completely unable to function


The process of comparing performance with other organizations, identifying comparatively high performance organizations, and learning what it is they do that allows them to achieve that high level of performance.

CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management)

Computerized system providing details about all activities within a facility, creating reports, reminders and history

Client Requirements

Identifies, understands and documents needs and expectations of the client in order to define a specific task, project, circumstance or service to be provided by FM

CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)

a computerized system to assist with the effective and efficient management of maintenance activities through the application of computer technology.


Process and documentation of the project requirements (program/expectations) and verification that it is achieved and placed into proper operation


Develops and implements a communications and marketing strategy for FM, to promote the sharing of accurate information with the right people at the right time


Any action which reduces the probability of a risk occurring or reduces its impact if it does occur

Corrective Maintenance

Any maintenance activity which is required to correct a failure that has occurred or is in the process of occurring

Document Management

Controls all facility-related documents (including hard copies, drawings, electronic format) through retrieval, tracking, distribution, authorization, filing, and maintenance of these documents


An actual or impending situation that may cause injury, loss of life, destruction of property or cause the interference, loss or disruption of an organisation’s normal business operations to such an extent that it poses a threat

Economic Life

The total length of time that an asset is expected to remain actively in service before it is expected that it would be cheaper to replace the equipment rather than continuing to maintain it


Performing a task with a minimum of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort

Environmental Services

Plans, provides and monitors the Company grounds, waste management and mail services

Estimating (Internal Resources)

Calculates the approximate requirements for materials, equipment, services and in-house labour for specified work to be performed


A source of potential harm or a situation with a potential to cause loss.

Health & Safety

The process by which the well being of all employees, contractors, visitors and the public is safeguarded


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning


A contract to finance the cost of risk. Should a named risk event (loss) occur, the insurance contract will pay the holder the contractual amount

IFMA (International Facility Management Association)

Similar to BOMA, IFMA provides standards, guidelines, training and other Facilities Management information.


Any event that may be, or may lead to, a business interruption, disruption, loss and/or crisis

Incident Management

The process by which an organisation responds to and controls an incident using Emergency Response Procedures


A building and all of its supporting services. Infrastructure is usually divided into technology infrastructure (e.g. computers, cabling, telephony, etc.) and real estate infrastructure (e.g. buildings, utility supplies, air-conditioning, etc.)

Integration (Process & System)

The process of adding and analysing the functions, data, technologies, etc. so information can be used together.

IT Desktop Support

Provides a variety of computer-related services to staff of Facilities Management including problem solving for hardware and software issues, data backup and recovery, and technical expertise

Labour Relations

Acts as official liaison between the Facilities Management and Personnel Services. Provides consistent representation for Facilities Management in contract negotiations, mediations, and arbitrations

Leasing Management

Knowing the rates, how much square footage each lease includes, and when the leases expire are all part of managing a facility that involves rented or leased spaces


The care or upkeep of a property or unit. This usually does not increase the value but keeps the property in good working order

Maintenance Schedule

A list of planned maintenance tasks to be performed during a given time period, together with the expected start times and durations of each of these tasks


The transfer of business functions to an independent (internal and/or external) third party supplier

Operating Hours

the length of time that an item of equipment is actually operating

Operational Planning (Projects/Events)

Develops the annual FM project plans (Renewal Maintenance, Maintenance, Capital, Energy Conservation, etc.) and provides oversight of the implementation of FM project plans by reviewing and monitoring monthly project performance reports and adjusting planned allocations, when necessary


Acquires and maintains all FM material, supplies and equipment needed to perform on-going maintenance and repairs facilities and facilitates delivery to site

Performance Analysis

Determines and analyses variances between established FM performance standards and actual results

Prior approval

Written approval by an authorized official evidencing prior consent

Performance Indicators

A select number of key measures that enable performance against targets to be monitored

Purchase Order

The prime document issued by an organization to an external supplier, ordering specific materials, parts, supplies, equipment or services

Performance Standards

Establishes measurable and acceptable key performance indicators (levels of expectations and performance), which an individual or group within FM are expected to meet or exceed, based upon benchmarking or previous performance levels

Routine Maintenance

Any maintenance task that is performed at a regular, predefined interval

Resource Management

Schedules labour, material, equipment and contractor resources in a structured framework to ensure completion of tasks in an efficient, effective manner on time and within budget

Reception (Client Reception/Event Booking)

Acts as FM single point of contact by responding to client questions, service requests, event bookings, comments and concerns or redirecting them to the appropriate person or unit.


A person or company who supplies goods or services to the organisation

Staff Training and Development

Develops and implements on-going plans and programs for staff training and professional development, in conjunction with input from managers and supervisors for training requirements supporting the FM mission and vision


That period of time when equipment is out of service

Scheduled Maintenance

Any maintenance work that has been planned and included on an approved Maintenance Schedule

Strategic Planning

Determines and integrates the needs and expectations of customers, stakeholders and policy makers into plans which will meet the mission and goals


Expenditures for goods acquired for the purpose of current operation. These items are consumable, perishable or short lived, and are subject to material change

Tenant Damages

Damages done by the tenant or guest of the tenant during the tenants lease term that are outside the normal wear and tear of that unit

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

Equipment (usually a bank of batteries) that offers short-term protection against power surges and outages


Companies and organisations providing essential services e.g. gas, water, electricity

Warranty Management

Is a process of defining the required warranty conditions for tendering and managing the warranty for items which extend longer than a twelve month period


the amount of labour hours required to carry out specified maintenance tasks

Work Order

The prime document used by the maintenance function to manage maintenance tasks. It may include such information as a description of the work required, the task priority, the job procedure to be followed, the parts, materials, tools and equipment required to complete the job, the labor hours, costs and materials consumed in completing the task, as well as key information on failure causes, what work was performed etc.

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