(1) system for detecting and reporting unusual conditions, such as smoke, fire, flood, loss of air, etc; (2) centralized dispatch center for interpreting alarms and dispatching resources

Auto extended fire

Structure fire that has gone out a window or other opening on one floor and ignited materials above, on another floor or other space


Sudden increase in fireline intensity or rate of spread of a fire sufficient to preclude direct control or to upset existing suppression plans


Refers to person or place designated for handling a call for help by alerting the specific resources necessary


Training during which an emergency is simulated and the trainees go through the steps of responding as if it were a real emergency


imminent risk of serious threat to person or property

Electrical fire

A fire in which the primary source of heat is electricity, resulting in combustion of adjacent insulation and other materials; may be hazardous to attempt to extinguish using water

Escape route

A route forming part of the means of escape from any point in a building to a final exit

Escape time

Calculated time from the ignition until the time at which all occupants of a specified part of a building are able to reach place of safety


Removal of personnel from a dangerous area, burning building, or other emergency. Also refers to act of removing fire-fighters from a structure in danger of collapsing.


Doorway or other suitable opening giving access towards a place of safety

Exit signs

Signs which clearly indicate an exit


Property near fire that may become involved by transfer of heat or burning material from main fire

Fire alarm

Warning of a fire originated by a person or by an automatic device

Fire detector

Device which give a signal in response to certain physical and/or chemical changes accompanying a fire

Fire rescue team

Public or private organization with the aim of safeguarding life and fighting fires


A process of a combustion characterized by emission of heat accompanied by smoke and/or flame

Fire alarm installation

Combination of components giving and audible and/or visible and/or other perceptible alarms of fire. The system may also initiate other ancillary actions.

Fire escape

A building structure arranged outside to assist in safe evacuation of occupants during an emergency

Fire hazard

Materials, structures or processes that may result in creating a fire, permitting a fire to grow undetected, or preventing people from escaping a fire

Fire inspector

A person responsible for issuing permits and enforcing the fire code, including any necessary premises inspection, as before allowing (or during) a large indoor gathering

Fire prevention

Fire safety; standards for minimizing fire hazards

Fire scenario

A qualitative description of the course of a fire with time, identifying key events that characterize the fire and differentiate it from other possible fires. It typically defines the ignition and fire growth process, the fully developed stage and decay stage, together with the building environment and systems that will impact on the course of the fire.


People who respond to fire alarms and other emergencies for fire suppression, rescue, and related duties. Formerly called "firemen", but modern term includes women as well


Materials designed or treated to have an increased fire point


Where fire apparatus is stored and where full-time fire-fighters work.

High-pressure system

A supplemental pump system used to pressurize the water supply, sometimes used during a large fire, or whenever more than one hydrant is being used


Initiation of combustion


Personnel who can be summoned (and paid) when necessary to respond to an incident; a type of "volunteer" fire department

Place of safety

A predetermined place in which persons are in no immediate danger from the effect of fire


Fire protection strategy involving visits to potentially hazardous occupancies for inspection, follow-up analysis and recommendations for actions to be taken in case of specific incidents

Residual pressure

The amount of pressure in a hydrant system when a hydrant is fully open, such as during a fire


Improvements made on properties that enhance the value or fix something outdated or broken


A visible suspension of solid and/or liquid particles in gasses resulting from combustion

Smoke control door

A door set to reduce the rate of spread or movement of smoke during the fire


Important procedure in fire fighting in which the hot smoke and gases are removed from inside a structure, either by natural convection or forced, and either through existing openings or new ones provided by fire-fighters at appropriate locations

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