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Help Desk – our 24/7/365 Help Desk department has been designed to improve our internal processes as well as communication with our clients and customers who now have direct access to this adding value feature via CAFM Software, e-mail and phone. By implementation of this system we improved building data quality and its consistency, its accessibility and connected reporting to our clients. Our customers are informed about their requests and the progress on their resolutions in a real time.

Information gathered in CAFM software influences our clients’ organizations tactical use of facilities, while assisting our Facility Managers in a proactive and preventive behaviour. Thus we are better prepared to assist our business partners to take strategic decisions and long-term goals about their facilities. In addition, Help Desk department assists our company to obtain a feedback from the occupiers of the buildings our teams are involved with.

With Help Desk – CAFM software processes coverage we also contribute to our environmental commitments, since we eliminate a lot of paperwork

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