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emerged in 2010 from a necessity to provide clear and transparent perception of brand Coral in the Romanian Construction and Real Estate Markets.



 Coral Construct logoas an oldest company was founded in 1992, starting as a builder of construction projects. Throughout the years it changed its course and started to perform different activities, but the name remained, since it became a well known and respected entity on the Romanian market.


With the economical changes in Romania, stabilizing signs in Real Estate Market and increasing volume of international investors present, in 1996 it turned its direction towards newly developing activity – Facility Management, when it became one of the pioneers providing these services in the country.


In 2003 it adapted again and accepted new challenge – Property Management. Since then, Coral Construct has been among a few companies covering Integrated Property and Facility Management Services and thus provides clients with added value of a single provider of commercial, financial, technical or infrastructural services.


 Coral DA Consulting logohas been established in 2001 in order to cover the market needs for specialized consulting services in world of construction. This entity covered from the beginning the needs of investors and building owners to check all technical aspects of construction. Predominant activity of Coral D.A. Consulting is a site inspection service, providing the investors with assurance that their construction investment is going to be done properly and according to all Romanian norms and regulations.


Coral CA Construct logo was created in 2004, when we implemented into our services also building handover, obtaining of permits from authorities, technical due diligence, technical and legal expertise, design checks and other professional consulting services.  


Coral RA Control logois the youngest of our companies, established in 2008. This company takes place within our structures covering our cleaning services division, rising from the specific need to cover the requests from client, to perform in some cases only infrastructural facility management, cleaning and other soft services.


In any of our companies we remain to be an actively evolving entity, based on a team of dedicated professionals with experience and reputation in complete Property and Facility Management or Construction Consulting. We are strongly engaged in a dynamic process development, focused on building a system that produces prompt and effective solutions, specifically adapted to clients' needs.

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