Site Inspection

Performance represents the objective for each project in which our team is part of. The measure and size of the performance are reflected by the loyalty of our customers and business partners.

With a clear mission and continuous development, our team always endeavored to delivery innovative high quality solutions with sustainable results.


Main tasks:


  • Control the execution of the objective according to the compulsory requirements of the Construction Authorization, according to the client’s needs, with the execution plans and with the general technical specifications. 
  • Coordinate participating parties in the construction.
  • Elaborate and follow a work schedule.
  • Control the process of fixing the problems regarding reception.
  • Control the fill in of the Construction Book.
  • Control the quantity of work executed.
  • Participate in the key fazes with ISC and sign off on work which become unnoticeable. 
  • Control the usage of the material requested by the client.
  • Have full cooperation with the project manager, the state inspection in constructions and the beneficiary.
  • Supervise the completion of work protection by the workers.
  • Consult the architects and engineers regarding the project requirements.

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