Thermo-graphic Revision

Thermo-graphic revision is a part of Energy Management (identification of thermal losses in facades and roofs of the building) as well as part of Technical Maintenance through its Predictive Maintenance element for discovery of electrical installations overheating, corrosion in pipelines, jeopardy of boiler’s insulation integrity, etc.


Any unwanted shutdown and subsequent start up has an immediate impact on operation and places stress on the installation. In addition, these circumstances may have a further impact on the environment and human lives.


Evidence of the cause of these circumstances may be a simple abnormal temperature change or variation on a device. Infrared Thermo-graphic Revision on installed instrumentation, safety loops, (including electric cabinets, powering systems, as well as on sensitive equipment) can very easily predict and prevent costly failure scenarios from occurring.


All installed equipment and instrumented safety loops are part of an evolving environment and during their life–cycle the following events will occur:

  • Upgrades
  • Maintenance
  • Extension
  • Wear and Tear
  • Renovation

In addition to the mentioned occurrences, there are also human errors, third party actions, lightning strike damages, etc.


All these listed events can have an effect on the electric wiring cabinets, powering systems, isolations of roofs and facades.


Given that corroded cables, loose connections and overloaded wires are all heat producers, Infrared Thermo-graphic technology is particularly effective for identifying and locating electrical problems, as all defective electrical connections and overloaded conductors produce excess heat in proportion to the current flow. 


Our solutions with our qualified and trained personnel with high quality infrared camera equipment and software application can easily and promptly survey an electric installation or search for the thermal losses in facades and roofs of the building. These experts evaluate thermal images and will prepare the Thermo-graphic Revision Report with correct interpretation of the results.

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